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September Market at Exchange Dublin

Mrs Frills will attend the Exchange Art + Craft Market this Saturday, the 8th September at Exchange Dublin.

I will bring my new creations for the new season, such as knitted necklaces and other jewellery inventions.

Also bringing with me the, Oh So Lovely Love Heart Cushions, filled with Lavender Bags as I had previously posted here.

Here are some of the products I will be selling in the market.

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If you are around Temple Bar on Saturday, come visit us at Exchange Dublin. We will be happy to see you!

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Wrapped in Merino

Wrapped in Merino

This is a super idea!

Join to create your own scarf and help attempt a World Record…

… But hurry, you only have a few days left!

This is their website:

They are also on Facebook,  if you like the page:

You can add your facebook photos from your profile!

We Love Wool

Have a nice week! x x

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Love Heart Cushions

These are my newest creations for Mrs Frills.

I love them, because they are wooly, soft and smell good.

They are also very easy and fun to make.

To make one for yourself, you will need a Ball of Yarn of your choice ( You can use Super Chunky Wool if you want it big, like 25cm, but usually I knit it with Aran Wool, that will give you a 15cm cushion). A 50gr Ball of Yarn will do.

The size of the needles will depend on the type of wool you chose.

Just a few hints: for Chunky Wool, you can use 10mm to 12mm Needles. For Aran Wool, I usually use 5mm to 7mm Needles.

You will also need a Stitch Holder and a Darning Needle.

For the Filling, you can use Polyester or Cotton Wadding (The stuff that comes inside cushions), and a Lavender Sachet.

The lavender sachet is optional, I just like the smell of lavender!

The beauty of this project is that you don’t need to maintain tension, just keep your stitches even and you should be fine.

This is the Pattern for it:

The heart is knitted up in two equal pieces. The heart-shaped pieces are knitted in Stocking Stitch with a band of Moss Stitch across the middle.

Make two pieces and stitch together adding padding (and the lavender sachet) as you go.


Using your chosen needles, cast on 3 sts.

Row1 – Purl.

Row2 – (RS) Inc 1, k3, inc 1. 5 sts.

Row3 – Purl.

Continue in st st, increasing by 2 sts as set every RS row until 25 sts.

Row23 – (WS) (k1, p1) to last stitch, k1. Work 4 further rows in seed stitch pattern.

Row28 – K2togtbl, knit to end, k2tog. 23 sts.

Row29 – Purl.

Row30 – K2togtbl, knit to end, k2tog. 21 sts.

Row31 – P9, p2tog, p10. 20 sts.

Row32 – K2togtbl, k8, turn and work on these 9 sts only, putting remaining stitches on a stitch holder.

Row33 – P2tog, p7. 8 sts.

Row34 – K2togtbl, k4, k2tog. 6sts.

Row35 – P2tog, p4. 5 sts.

Row36 – K2togtbl, k3. 4 sts.

Row37 – Cast off remaining 4 sts.

With RS facing, rejoin yarn to the work and remaining 10 sts.

Row1 – K8, k2tog. 9 sts.

Row2 – P7, p2tog. 8 sts.

Row3 – K2togtbl, k4, k2tog. 6 sts.

Row4 – P4, p2tog. 5 sts.

Row5 – K3, K2tog. 4 sts.

Row6 – Cast off remaining 4 sts.

BACK: For the back, knit the same again.

Darn in any loose ends. Pin out the knitting, right-side down, onto a padded surface or blocking board to form the correct heart shape.

Cover with a damp cloth and press it gently with a hot iron.

Leave to dry completely.

Join the front and back pieces together, facing each other, inside out.

Now, sew the front to the back, starting from the bottom of the heart.

Stuff the heart with soft padding as you sew it. You can vary the amount of padding or stuffing depending on whether you want a relatively squashy cushion or a firmer, more resilient one.

Leave an opening of about 5 cm, and then close the love heart sewing on the outside, very carefully not to leave any yarn sticking out of your lovely cushion.

When your cushion is sewn, you can sew a ribbon and a button to the top of it. Use sewing thread and appropriately sized ribbon and button that tone in attractively with the yarn.

Now you can hang your cushion up and show off to everyone how “crafty” you are!

I have some of these still for sale on my Etsy shop:

They make an excellent present for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day.

Or simply if you are feeling that Love is in the Air!


inc- increase

k- knit

k2tog- knit 2 stitches together (1 stitch decreased)

k2togtbl- Knit 2 stitches together through back of loops (1 stitch decreased)

p- purl

p2tog- purl 2 stitches together (1 stitch decreased)

RS- right side

st st- stocking stitch

st(s)- stitch(es)

WS- wrong side

The pattern was adapted from the book: How to Knit: Simple Knits, D&C, David and Charles.

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We Love Wool!

You  might have noticed by reading my posts that I LOVE WOOL. And if you are reading this it’s because YOU LOVE WOOL too.

Well, we are not alone.

There are millions out there just like us, and many of them are not shy. They are really open about it, and have no shame in saying that THEY LOVE WOOL.

Thankfully, for all of us, ME, YOU and THEM, there is a community on FACEBOOK called WE LOVE WOOL.

It’s a great page, it is always full of photos of wooly things, and lots of people talking about what we love the most, Wool!

Well, if you are on facebook already, please join this community. I promise you won’t regret it!

They might inspire you to make something cool with wool, 🙂 or even show you the way to that so wanted pattern challenge that you were looking for, for so long.

Their address is

Come on, go into their facebook page right now, join in, and have fun browsing.

I know, THEY know, WE all know that YOU want it!

Because WE LOVE WOOL!!!

These are just some of the images you will see there, hopefully it inspired you to LOVE WOOL too!

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Christmas Markets

Mrs Frills was busy this time of the year.

We had some Christmas Markets to attend.

Lovely ones.

The first was the Peas and Pods Christmas Market, on the 4th of December.

It was a Market for family and kids.

And it was super brilliant.

Then, we were back at Exchange Market, on the 10th and 11th of December for the so popular Christmas Art+ Crafts Markets.

It was a two day Market full of wonderful people ad crafts.

And we all had a lot of fun, and sold lots too.

That’s what Christmas is all about, happiness!

Merry Christmas everyone, and a Magic 2012!!!

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What to do with your unwanted Christmas wooly jumper?

We’ve all got at least one of these.

Mr Darcy's cute Christmas jumpa!

Some people get them every year (poor them).

You can do this

Where’s Me Jumper?

And if you didn’t manage to loose it in the disco, on St Stephen’s Day…

you can still try and return them. Just like this;

Prank call – Man tries to return unravelled wooly jumper

I love Irish humour!

And here’s a wooly jumper way to spend a few mins on this holiday season…

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Christmas Knitting Marathon!

The countdown to Christmas starts today.

I’m very excited about this Christmas, and I am enjoying knitting for the Christmas markets.

There’s loads to look forward to, even before Santa arrives!

I will be in the Peas + Pods Christmas Market on Sunday 4th of December with my treasures.

They have a link to Mrs Frills on their website. It’s a really happy and friendly family atmosphere. Have a look at all the cool stalls that will be there on Sunday 4th.

Then on the 10th and 11th of December,  I’ll be in the Exchange Art+Craft Market: Christmas Market Weekend.

Both of these markets are indoor… so no worrying about getting chilly while you browse and shop.

If you’re around and fancy some fun, come along and check out all us lovely crafters! 🙂

See you there,

Mrs Frills

PS: Here’s a peak into what the Exchange Market looked like in November gone by…

Just to give you an idea of the craic we had, and what to expect on the 10th and 11th of December.