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Table Decorations for Alice in Wonderland Party

As promised, here is the blog post about the table decor for Caoimhe’s Onederland Party.

Hope this inspires you for your own Alice in Wonderland party.

I had great help from my dear friend Molly, to decorate the table and the wall. She was brilliant, just came in and put it all together, in a matter of hours. It would have taken me days, and it wouldn’t be half as nice.

I had bought most of the decoration from, their website stocks the Truly Alice range from Talking Tables, amongst other stuff that I thought perfect for the party.

We chose this party pack because it was so beautiful and displayed the illustrations and the quotes from the original “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” book, all original illustrations from Sir John Tenniel. The colour scheme also went really well with the other bits of decor, and the style of the party.

We also used the party pack called Truly Scrumptious, also from for the real feel of a tea party.

All the other bits, I bought here and there, and put it all together for the party.

One day I went to our local charity shop, to look for vintage tea cups, and I found this black hat, for only 3 euros, ha! It is actually a plastic ice bucket (turned upside down), the ribbon and the feathers are from the Art&Hobby shop, and I just wrote “in this style 10/6”, to make it exactly like the Mad Hatter’s Hat.

The white bunny I bought at Carraig Donn, Maynooth. Alice follows The White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, remember?

The lovely vintage tea set, Aldi, eh! I looked everywhere for weeks, for cheap yet vintage tea cups for the table, did not find any (cheap!), so decided to go for the whole tea set, for €8.99 a piece from ALDI. Can you believe it?

The gorgeous little green mushroom, the lovely little hedgehog and the huge sky blue teacup (with the Cheshire Cat Tails in it), all purchased without fear from Dealz and Euro Shop, for as little as €1.50 each.

Ah, and the big green JUICE jar was also bought at Carraig Donn, Liffey Valley, for €5, at their Sales Week.

The popcorn tubs were bought at TIGER, also in Maynooth. The lovely Victorian sweet jar, I bought at Woodies Party Zone, from their UK website. They were cheap enough, around €2 each, but had to pay shipping, which I did not like one bit.

The little bundle of paper that you see in the first photo, is an Alice in Wonderland memory game, it is a Free Printable from the Talking Tables website. It is great because it goes with the theme, Truly Alice, and better yet, it is FREE.

I also printed the Thank You cards, from the same website. Another beautiful design, FREE and cute!

The frames with quotes from the Alice in Wonderland book were all over the house, and at the table, scattered for the guests to read. I hope they took their time to read them, because they were very wise, unlike Alice!

I really hope I have inspired you to create a Wonderful Wonderland Party.

With little money and a lot of care and love you can do it, just like we did, or even better. Go for it! x


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