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Alice in Wonderland party ideas

We recently had a Onederland Birthday Party for our little girl, and I put a lot of effort into planning everything on my own, (with some help from “the internet”).

I started planning the party about 8 weeks before the date, we (hubby and I) chose the theme by looking at options online, and when we came across the Wonderland Tea Party Theme we loved it so much, the decision was unanimous.

Little did I know there were so many options for creating and decorating and baking and preparing the party. As I love a new project I went for it and got lots of things done.

From decoration, to food, to other little things we created for the day, here are some ideas for your Alice in Wonderland party:

  1. CAKE (but, of course!):


I decided to do a centerpiece cake, and the perfect cake to make was the Alice in Wonderland cake from the Disney movie.

I made a biscuit cake, an easy no bake recipe: here. And covered it with sugarpaste from Decobake.

The cake was a hit, everyone loved it, and as a result, not a crumb left. Yumm…



The other cake I made was a white cake, a “real cake”, as in: a baked cake. (I wouldn’t be able to call myself a baker, if there wasn’t a baked cake at the party!)

I covered it with buttercream rosettes, recipe here.

And for the final touch, on top of the cake, the birthday girl’s name in gold. Purchased on Etsy, from Pretty Flamingo Designs.


eat me cookies.jpg

It wouldn’t be a Wonderland party without EAT ME cookies!

These were made from a delicious recipe from the Sally’s Baking Addiction website. They are simple sugar cookies, simple and sweet! nom nom.

I already had some of the cookie cutters I used, the ones shaped like a teapot, love heart, tea cup, little house and the round one. But I purchased the EAT ME cookies cutter from the Etsy shop: CookieCad, she sells cool personalised cookie cutters and they are not very expensive.


red roses cupcakes.jpg

These were just simple vanilla cupcakes, covered in buttercream.

I made white, half and half (white and red) and red cupcakes. So it would be like painting the roses red, just like in the book/ movie.

Now, the cupcake toppers made all the difference. Purchased from Etsy (love it!) from The Procraftinator shop, speedy delivery and also not so expensive. Just Beautiful!


cheshire cat tails.jpg

Got the idea for these from the internet, here is one from Pinterest:

But they were all a bit different, and mine almost didn’t work out, but they were the first thing that disappeared at the party (people ate them all!).

So I take it the outside appearance doesn’t matter, what matters is what is on the inside, as soon as it is marshmallows!!


Wow! there is so much stuff here that I need another blog post, just for the table decor.

New post explaining all this, coming soon. Here!



Ditto! Have to write a new blog post, explaining photo by photo, what this is all about.

Hang around, new blog post, about wall decor, coming soon too. Finally, here!

I will also post something about all the quotes I used from the book. And other inspirational ideas.

Hope these ideas will be useful if you are preparing a Wonderland Themed party.


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