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We Love Wool!

You  might have noticed by reading my posts that I LOVE WOOL. And if you are reading this it’s because YOU LOVE WOOL too.

Well, we are not alone.

There are millions out there just like us, and many of them are not shy. They are really open about it, and have no shame in saying that THEY LOVE WOOL.

Thankfully, for all of us, ME, YOU and THEM, there is a community on FACEBOOK called WE LOVE WOOL.

It’s a great page, it is always full of photos of wooly things, and lots of people talking about what we love the most, Wool!

Well, if you are on facebook already, please join this community. I promise you won’t regret it!

They might inspire you to make something cool with wool, 🙂 or even show you the way to that so wanted pattern challenge that you were looking for, for so long.

Their address is

Come on, go into their facebook page right now, join in, and have fun browsing.

I know, THEY know, WE all know that YOU want it!

Because WE LOVE WOOL!!!

These are just some of the images you will see there, hopefully it inspired you to LOVE WOOL too!


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