Creativity · Knitting

The Big Knit

This year I participated in The Innocent Big Knit.

This is a campaign in favour of keeping older people in Ireland warm this winter. You should check it out to help too. But hurry, the deadline for sending your knitted hats is tomorrow. If you can’t make it, there is always next year. It’s never too late to help.

Besides helping people, knitting the hats is a lot of fun, because what we have to do is to knit little hats that will be sold on top of the Innocent Smoothies, and 25 cents of each behatted smoothie sold will go to Age Action Ireland, to help.

In the Innocent Big Knit website they have knitting booklets and patterns to teach you how to knit cute little hats of all shapes and forms. There are some great ones, that lovely people knitted, using their creativity for a good cause.

Here are some photos of my hats. I am excited and next year I will have many more hats knitted for the cause.


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