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Flavour of the Tropics

We are in the North of Brazil at the moment, staying with my parents for a while.

The Place is on the border of nothing less than the amazing Amazon Forest, full of nature and super tropical fruit all around us.

Pineapple Tree
Pineapple Tree
Coconut and bananas
Coconut Milk

This week we picked some pineapples and coconuts off the trees and decided to find a fresh summer recipe to make with these ingredients.


This is a very good recipe, quick and easy to make, and delicious to eat of course.

It is a dairy-free recipe, so it is very healthy for you too.



  1. Peel the pineapple and cut into chunks, omitting the core. Place pineapple chunks into an airtight container or plastic bag and place in the freezer for 12 hours or more. When pineapple is frozen remove from the freezer and allow to sit for a few minutes to soften slightly.
  2. Add the pineapple to a food processor with the coconut cream, shredded coconut, honey or agave nectar and lime juice plus zest
  3. Process on high, stopping to help the frozen pineapple along by scrapping down the sides often, until just smooth. Be careful not to process the mixture for so long that it melts and becomes watery
  4. Taste and adjust honey or coconut cream
  5. You can choose to serve immediately  topped with lime zest and a sprinkle of Dulce sugar
  6. Leftover ice cream can be re-frozen. Allow it to soften for a couple of minutes when removed from the freezer

This recipe was taken from the following website:

We gave it the funny name Abacajaçi, that is a mixture of abacaxi (pineapple in Portuguese) and my father’s name, which Kev still cannot pronouce properly.

But this was only for the fun of it.


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