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Grocery Shopping

For almost three months, I was unable to get out of the house, due to my broken foot and all that comes with it, so my lovely hubby Kev had to learn how to go grocery shopping for us.

Image via Toothpaste For Dinner

Not that he didn’t know how to do it, but simply because he had to learn MY way of doing the grocery shopping.

It was a bit difficult at the start but it got better with time, and it was either because I learned how to write the shopping list or he noticed my face when he arrived back from the supermarket, and unpacking the bags.

You see, Kev is a man, just as other men. Well, a lot better I think. He is sweet and romantic and an excellent partner in crime, if you know what I mean! šŸ™‚ But, he is a man, and as a man he understands exactly what he sees in front of him.

Especially if I have written down something he will get exactly that thing, and forget everything else.

So I had to write everything in the list, not only the items but also the sizes, measurements, colours, expiry dates, etc, etc, etc. So, the grocery list wasn’t a simple list anymore. It became a letter, nearly a two page one, and I had to start writing it a day before to make sure that he would get everything correct.

Thanks Silly Sausage, for going shopping for us

I am glad that I am finally healed, and able to go grocery shopping once again, on my own. Without lists. Well, maybe a much smaller one at least.


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