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Arts and Crafts Weekend

Lately I have been very busy with loads of stuff.

I have been organising all of our things to move (again), and also tidying up stuff before I go back to work for good.

Tons of things to do.

But I still managed to see an advert about a weekend of arts and crafts that would happen in my city.

It was an event in the shopping centre, that went on for 5 days, full of new ideas and creativity, and nice people to meet and chat.

There were some workshops, and I got to enroll for some of them. After waiting in the queue for hours, I participated in two Scrapbooking Workshops (it is very popular in Brazil at the moment) and one Cartonagem (it’s quite new and interesting).

The first workshop I participated in was very simple, but the teacher was very, very nice. She taught us how to make a paper cupcake (also very popular in Brazil at the moment). It was a cupcake made of paper of course, so we couldn’t eat it. But it can be used to put loads of sweets for kids on birthday parties for example. So, technically we can eat it, or at least what is inside it.

Paper Cupcake

The second Scrapbooking Workshop was to learn how to make a Diary/Journal, it was a really simple one, but very useful because we could learn about binding and from there we can do many other things.


The workshop I enjoyed the most was the last one I took part in. The cartonagem one. The teacher was very nice, and the technique we learnt can be used for tons of things. Only creativity is needed to make different stuff with the materials.

Cartonagem Box Lid

Cartonagem Box

I also bought some materials and hope to be able to create new things soon.

Yay to Arts and Crafts and creativity in general.


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