Creativity · Holidays

All Hallows’ Eve

As we are not in Ireland this year,

we took it easy on the Halloween celebrations.

I just created some simple things to hang around the house, to at least create an atmosphere of it.

The ideas were all pouring out at the last-minute, so Kev and I took Saturday afternoon to work on them.

Together we created some creepy silhouettes to decorate the house.

Kev started drawing the characters and I did the cutting and some of the painting. He also had the idea of drawing a  Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland” style, which was our favourite character in this year’s spooky decor.

I had the idea of making little faces and glueing them (with Blue-tac) to our glasses and cups, and making them halloweenie too. 🙂

So, after a few hours of having fun, painting, drawing, cutting, colouring, sticking things on the walls, our night was full of trick and treat and Halloween scariness.

And we were all set to sit and enjoy our Tim Burton favourite films


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