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Sweet as Caramel

Sweet Pudding

To solve our cravings for sweet,  I made a Caramel Pudding.


1 can of condensed  milk

3 eggs

200 ml of milk

5 soup spoons of sugar


Beat the condensed milk, the eggs and the milk altogether in the blender.

Melt the sugar in a pudding tray, making sure that you spread it all around the bottom and sides of it.

Pour the mixture into the tray.

Place the tray in a pot with water. Be careful, only fill the pot halfway with the water, otherwise it will go over the tray, and inside the pudding.

Heat on the cooker for about 45 minutes on medium.

Try and stick a knife in the middle of the pudding, before you take it off the cooker. If it comes out clean, it is because it is ready, if not, leave it on the fire for a while yet.

You can also make it inside the oven. For this, place the pudding tray in another larger tray. Fill in with some water and put it in the oven for about 40 minutes. Don’t forget to check if the water has not dried off (evaporated) in the tray. As it needs to be cooked with water at all times.

After it is ready, let it cool down, take it out of the tray and bring it to the fridge.

It is nicer when it has cooled down for a few hours, or even the next day.

Yummy. Enjoy!


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