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To my favourite teacher

Teacher's Tea

“To give an apple to your teacher” is a long gone idea. So to be creative on this year’s Teachers day, I made something very personal, and yummy, of course!

The honoured person in question is my lovely hubby, who for the last six months has been teaching all that he knows to Brazilians who want to learn.

I had the idea of the egg in toast on this website, and as Kev loves eggs, and toast, I prepared a nice cute breakfast for him on the 15th of October. He loved the surprise, ate two eggie toasts, licked the plate, drank his tea, and off he went to be a teacher on Teacher’s day.

Teacher's Toastie

It’s really simple and fun to make, I just cut the hole out with a plain round glass, but there are several ways of making it, with cookie cutters, of all shapes and sizes, the cuttest being stars and love hearts. I also toasted the bread on both sides, because Kev likes the yolk hard. I prefer it runny, so I just made some for myself after he had left. 🙂

Recipe HERE and HERE.

Other names for this delicious breaky, here.

Some funny facts about the history of toast, here.


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