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Come Out and Play! It’s Children’s Day

On the twelfth of October, we celebrated Children’s Day, and also the Brazilian Patronesses’ day, Nossa Senhora Aparecida.

It was a national holiday, on a Tuesday, which was great because the day was amazingly sunny and warm, and we could go out and enjoy it.

So we went for a walk on the north side of Balneario Camboriu beach, it was a really beautiful day.

Of course there were a lot of kids around, and the city had promoted a Big Day Out with lots of balloons, music, clowns, recreational activities and of course, us!

And being kids in adult bodies we had a lot of fun and also something that I loved, love, will always love,  CANDY FLOSS!

Want some sugar?

The delicious sweet pink cloud of sugar came with a super cute Hello Kitty Mask that I wore to celebrate our day, because we all should be kids and laugh and play sometimes, it’s the best medicine against getting older. 🙂

Fun Fun Fun!

The subject of fun kids, reminds me of a day out that we had in the Docklands, in Dublin.

It wasn’t Children’s Day, but it was a sunny warm day, and with lots of kids around.

We went to a festival called The Maritime Festival. There were many ships anchored from all over Europe, some stands with food, and crafts, and a funky band.

Food and beverages were being served on the ships, so we climbed on-board, but before that, we got our faces painted just like kids.

I got a cute butterfly and Kev got a silly sheep, and we had lots of fun with our face painting (great for kids) and beer (only for adults). 🙂


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