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I’m Back Babe…

After a few weeks without posting anything here, I am back, writing away.

The reason: my computer went ballistic on me, and I had to get it fixed, which took longer and turned out to be more expensive than I expected, but now it’s all new and shiny again, if this is possible after two years of non-stop usage. Actually it’s only fair that he took some holidays from me. I have done this many times, since we got together.

While my laptop was getting fixed, and of course to enjoy the sunny days that are back now and the warmth that is coming with summer we went to visit my auntie at the beach, again.

And look at what she had made for us to eat (devour is more the word for this).

A piece of heaven covered in sugar called Pudim de Claras (???Merengue Pudding???) or Ilha Flutuante (???Floating Island??? I guess). Very tropical name, isn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t matter what the name is, what matters is that it was scrumptious, delicious, yummy and all the other adjectives that we can use to describe her recipes and culinary inventions.

We arrived at her house and we started chatty-chatty (as usual), then 5 minutes later she said “OMG my pudding is in the oven! I nearly forgot about it!!”, she took this wonder out of the oven, and poured caramel sauce over it. Imagine our open mouths and drooling like famished stray dogs at a barbeque. Yes, that’s it, you got the feeling. Yummmmmmm!

Definitely approved and wanted again and again and again, another photo of it just to give you and idea of how good it was.

Ah, and the recipe is on her blog, o Doce Momento da Gula, that is full of deliciousness. Please visit, you won’t regret it.

I just advise you to eat something really good before you get on to her blog, otherwise my friend, you will suffer!

The blog is in Portuguese, of course, she is Brazilian, but there is a translation button in there, and if you have any doubts, or comments about the recipe or anything really, just write to us.

We will try to answer all questions, (even the ones not related to this topic :-), I said “we will try”).


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