Rainy days

What’s going on?

It’s Brazil, the beginning of October, in the height of Spring, shouldn’t we all be in our bikinis and sunbathing at the beach?

Why are we all inside having a warm cup of tea?

Yes, it’s cold here, unexpected cold coming from God knows where, together with some nasty rain, that hasn’t stopped since September.

And here we are, inside, crawled up on our couch, watching TV, instead of drinking coconut water at the beachfront.

But why not enjoy these days? Why not get the chance and do some knitting, and eat some popcorn and watch some old films that we have promised to “tick off the list” for a while already.

To be honest I kinda missed these days, being that I lived in Ireland for the last four years. Can you imagine, a tropical girl, who loves the cold and wet weather?

Well, that’s me, I hate feeling the heat and having trouble breathing because it’s so humid and warm. I just feel like getting inside the fridge or throwing a bucket of ice over my head. Yes, I am this kind of girl, a Winter girl.

But even I am feeling that 30 non-stop rainy days are a bit too much for tropical Brazil in October, only two months from summer. Come on, “water fairies”, close the taps up there, please!

I enjoyed it the first two weeks, now it’s enough, thanks!

You see, the thing is we are going back to Ireland very soon, and since I am currently living 100m from the beach, I wouldn’t mind a bit of sun and dry weather. So I could at least enjoy some days outdoors, before I get all pasty white and with mould coming out of my ears in the Dirty Old Town.

I bet you that it is even drier in Dublin than it is here at the moment.

Oh my, today I am officially a moaning person, but can you blame me for being so with this weather???

A more optimistic view on a rainy day here.


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