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I Scream for Ice Cream!

Banana Split

This is an easy one!

It’s a very nice refreshing dessert, to cool you down on summer days.

It’s the traditional Banana Split, with a sweet touch.

The recipe frills like this:

A Banana cut in half

5 soup spoons of Sugar

And Coconut Ice Cream

And you make it like this:

Plop the sugar into a pot and bring it to the cooker/stove, mixing it until it is brownish and sticky. Imagine the colour of  caramel.

Throw the banana in the pot.

Mix it well until it is all covered by the caramel.

Serve it in a bowl.

Scoop as much Ice cream as you want on top of the scorchio caramelised bananas.


The banana is better if cut in half, length ways.

You can use Vanilla Ice Cream instead of Coconut flavour.

Be a quick hand with the banana, when you are mixing it with the caramel. So, put the banana into the bowl as nifty as you can, or else it will stick to the spoon, your fingers or maybe even your face. 🙂


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