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Cold calls for a cool Cowl!

What’s going on?

It’s Brazil, end of September, nearly Springtime, shouldn’t we be all on our bikinis and sunbathing at the beach?

Why are we all inside and having a warm cup of tea?

Yes, it’s cold here, unexpected cold coming from God knows where, together with some nasty rain, that has been falling non-stop since last Sunday. And here we are, inside, crawled up on our couch, watching TV, instead of drinking coconut water at the beachfront.

But why not enjoy these days? Why not get the chance and do some knitting, and eat some popcorn and watch some old films that we have promised to tick off the list for a while already.

And…that’s exactly what we did. Microwave popcorn, Casablanca, It’s a Wonderful Life and Sunrise: a Song of Two Humans queued up on the DVD to watch, and a new roll of wool, knitting needles number 6.5 cm, three big blue buttons and, 9 hours later, ta-da! A beautiful cream coloured cowl, to keep us warm in winter, or in this weather that I now hope lasts a bit longer.

Winter favourite

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