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Yummy Chocolate Cake

Yuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmyy, finally I got it right!

And I mean it, got it so right that Kev, my husband (sugar ant and chocaholic by nature) devoured half of it in one go.

And afterwards he ate some with coconut ice cream. Just for a change.

I have been traumatized with baking cakes and all sorts of stuff that we need to use baking powder and put it in the oven for 40 minutes and wait for it to get ready, without even being able to open the door at the risk of making it go totally flat or not cooked enough for a human being to eat.

It happens especially with chocolate cakes, it never worked for me, once was because I put too much baking powder and the dough grew out over the edge of the baking tray and burnt all the oven inside, leaving no cake left IN the actual tray for us to eat.

Another time it was all going perfectly fine, the cake looked fluffy inside the oven, it seemed cooked on the boards, and when I took it out of the oven it turned out that the middle of it wasn’t baked at all. So we were left without cake again.  Baaaaaaad!

Ah, there was also this time when I put the cake in the oven and it only grew in the middle, looking like a mountain, it also wasn’t cooked inside and it was really really dry and hard.

This time I got a recipe from the internet but I also looked it up on this website too and kinda combined the two recipes and made my own version, and, believe if you want, it worked just fine.

Here is the picture to prove it.


And here is the recipe, of course, since this is a miracle, it needs to be shared with humanity.



1 cup (200 gr) of sugar

2 soup spoons of butter

1 cup (200 gr) of chocolate powder

1 egg

1 cup (200 gr) of all purpose flour

1 cup (200 ml) of full fat milk

1 soup spoon of baking powder


Mix the sugar and the melted butter in a bowl. The secret is to use the mixer. But if you don’t have one, or want to make it 50’s style, just press the ingredients together with a fork until they are crumbly. It’s a matter of effort, but it pays off.

Add the egg, and beat it until it is creamy and smiling to you. Then add the chocolate and make a delicious brown paste.

Before you eat it all, add the flour and the milk, bit by bit, and mixing. Another secret dear readers, when adding the flour make sure you pass it through a sieve.

Last but not least, (without this it would be just like my other cakes) add the baking powder, also passed through the sieve. But this time don’t beat the dough like crazy, otherwise it will be like my previous cakes, remember? Just mix it real slow.

Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius, or something like that, maybe less for fan assisted ovens.

Grease the baking tray with butter before you splodge the cake on it, and sling it in the oven for about 35 minutes or until your patience allows.

Watch out for the smell, it’s SWEETASTIC!, it makes you think of your grandma and when you were a child with chocolate from ear to ear, with a big chocolatey smile, happy times!

These moments don’t just have to be in the past.

When that cake is ready, you can re-live that universal childhood memory without your mom giving out to you for dirtying your clothes (and the walls) this time around.

After you get over the delicious wave of aroma, and before you devour the cake, you can make a delicious covering with chocolate and whatever you wish to put on the top of the cake.

We hope that next time we will be strong enough to make a cake topping, instead of just eating the cake and drinking tea all afternoon.

It’s tea time!

One thought on “Yummy Chocolate Cake

  1. Oi,que bom que deu certo,o aspecto está maravilhoso,bem fofinho.Hummmm,fiquei com vontade de roubar um pedaço,rsrsrsrr.Bjinhos doces.


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