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We LOVE Pastry Stuff!

In the last two months while I was unable to get out of the house, due to my broken foot and all that comes with it, my lovely hubby Kev had to learn how to go grocery shopping for us.

Not that he didn’t know how to do it, but simply because he had to learn MY way of doing the grocery shopping.

Basically, I would write all the items on a grocery list and he would get them, exactly as I had written.

Most of the items were correct, and the ones he wouldn’t find, he would replace with the closest possible. Sometimes that tactic worked, sometimes it didn’t.

For example, one day I asked him to buy ham, and he came home with a packet of mortadella. As you can see, the closest possible thing that we could find. (Mortadella can be called bologna, boloney, baloney, or polony, but I will use mortadella because I think it’s charming).

As I looked at the package I saw a recipe of a round pastry cake, similar to Danish Pastry, but savoury. It’s basically a roll of baked dough, filled with mortadella and cheese.

I decided to try the recipe, because the mortadella would be in the fridge for a while, until it went off and I would have to throw it out.

The thing is that I had already tried some “back-of-the-packet recipes”*, and they didn’t quite work. So, reluctantly there I went, checked if I had all the ingredients, mixed them all, and guess what, it worked!

It was really nice that I did the recipe again, with chicken filling, and this time I took a photo to prove it.

The good thing about this recipe is that you can put any filling that you want. My recipe can be found below with both fillings, the mortadella (easier and quicker to prepare), and the chicken (with more ingredients, and not so dry), for variety. 🙂

Hope you get it right, enjoy baking and eating it.

*Back-of-the-Packet Recipes – in Brazil nearly all the things that you buy in the supermarket come with a recipe written on the packaging. For example, if you buy flour, there is a cake recipe on the paper package. If you buy a can of green peas, they give you a vegetarian recipe. Even the sugar packaging has serving suggestions. I think it’s a nice way of giving you ideas to cook, or simply a way of not leaving many blank spaces in the packaging. I never noticed this in the other countries that I had been in, but here it seems to be pretty common, and sometimes if you get it right, delicious too.

Mortadella Pastry Roll



150 gr of active dry yeast

1 cup (200 ml) of full fat milk

3 cups (200 gr) of all-purpose flour

Half teaspoon of salt

100 gr of butter

1 egg

Mortadella filling

300 gr of mortadella

1 soup spoon of parsley

150 gr of Ricotta cheese

Chicken filling

1 small onion shredded and flash-fried

300 gr of cooked ground chicken

1 soup spoon of parsley

250 gr of cream cheese

1 soup spoon of soy sauce

2 soup spoons of tomato sauce


Dissolve the yeast in warm milk, let it soften for a minute.

In another bowl, put the flour and the salt. Then pour the yeast mixture, slowly, then add the egg and the butter lastly. Very gently turn the mixture over, until all the ingredients are consistent.

Knead the dough, until it’s uniform. Cover it with a plastic wrap and refrigerate it for about 40 minutes.

In a separate bowl, mix all the ingredients for the filling.

Lightly flour a work surface (a cool surface, such as marble, is ideal), turn the dough out onto it, and dust the dough lightly with flour. Using the palms of your hands, pat the dough into a rough square.

Place the filling on the dough, keeping it all on one side, roll out starting with the part that has the filling, it should shape like a swiss roll.

Put the roll on a baking tray previously greased with butter and dusted flour.

Sling it the into a pre-heated oven, at medium heat for about 30 minutes.

The secret: Baist the top of the pastry roll with the yolk of an egg, to give that crispy texture and brownie colour to it.

You can serve with some salad in the Summer, or some soup in Winter. Your choice!

Back-of-the-Packet Recipes actually work!

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