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Barbeque and Caipirinha Land

Back in January, in the peak of summer in Brazil, my hubby and I were sampling the delights of my homeland.

It had been two months that I was back already, but only a few days since Kev had arrived to the sunny coast of Santa Catarina, and we were staying in my auntie’s place in a city called Bombinhas, that might aswell be called Paradise, and we were enjoying lots of beach and sun and, of course, what the brazilian food has to offer, PICANHA!

My parents came to see us and my Dad, being a Gaucho, couldn’t forget to bring loads of good meat to put on the fire and barbeque it in style, as he does with all meat.

After A LOT of eating and drinking, my parents went home (they live in the north of Brazil, in Far Far Away land) and how nice our surprise was when we noticed that they had left us some of the meat (seriously, there was so much good meat that we couldn’t finish it all, in like 10 days).

So, Kev decided to try his skills as a “barbequer” and he lit a fire and threw some meat on it.  I, for my own sake, if the meat didn’t work out, decided to make us some infamous caipirinhas, as being drunk would serve me well as an excuse to refuse the burnt food afterwards.

For my luck, Kev got off on the right foot in the barbeque profession by cooking the meat really nice, and I have to say, as his first experiment as a “churrasqueiro” he did very well.

Or maybe it was just that the caipirinha I made was THAT excellent! 🙂

Plan B

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