Flower cast

As you know if you read my older posts, I STILL have a broken foot, that is in a plaster cast. Although hopefully I will get rid of it in ten days, even though I still have a long way to get back on my feet (literally!) with physiotherapy and all. It is a victory to take it off after 75 days and be able to show off a very hairy pasty shrank white foot and leg.

Pity the world is not going to get to see this wonder yet for a while as I am off work till November, which should give me enough time to recover from this silly accident that has happened to me.

This is my second plaster cast, the first one was smaller,  as it didn’t have a heel, and I didn’t get to draw on it, only got some of my workmates to sign it, but as this one looks nicer and also feels cooler because I actually can walk with it, and believe me after spending 35 days without being able to put my foot on the floor, and walk, anyone would feel attached to a thing that provides them such liberty as being able to walk for 10 meters without having to use crutches or being hanging on everything or everyone that was near you.

As I grew accustomed with having a big white plaster cast covering a part of my body, I can dare to say that I will miss it a little bit, so I decided to celebrate the last days that we are still spending together (me and the cast) to draw nice and cute things on it, to have good memories of our last days together.

For that idea to come true, I asked my lovely hubby, to draw on my cast, as he is very good at that and he also enjoys doing it. As if he hadn’t already done enough things for me during all of this period, which I am really thankful for. He has been helping and putting up with me during this long time, that seemed to have been a never-ending “Edi in a cast” experience.

The drawing took a while since he had to plan a bit what he was going to do and I was always giving ideas of what I wanted, like girly things, butterflies, and sun and stars and love hearts. We decided to do some flourishes too as it’s very fashionable at the moment, and other things like the ladybird and the bunny, those were my hubby’s ideas.

So, after a few hours the drawing or drawings were ready, the cast looks super cute and really girly and colourful. Here goes a picture of it for you to glance at and be jealous.

And also a good-bye to my cast, and hello to new adventures with my new glued back together footsie!

Edi's plaster cast artwork

5 thoughts on “Flower cast

  1. Where is the picture of your cast?!? Or can I just not see it?

    And those scones below – I might have to try those! Had to come check out your site. Thank you for commenting on my blog today.


    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Sorry about the picture. I’m still getting used to this blogging stuff, I had uploaded to the gallery, and forgot to insert it into the post. Oops, sorry.
      Well it’s there now.
      The scones are delicious with raspberry jam and fresh cream. You should try it.
      Thank you.


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