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Yummy scones

Yesterday we had some guests for a five o’clock tea time in our humble apartment.

We served our delicious Irish Lyons tea, that arrived in the post a few days ago, directly from Dublin, sent by our great friend Karen, that knows well our needs and cravings for all the Irish things.

And with that, we had the idea of making some sandwiches, that are a perfect combination and very Irish type of tea time snack. We made tuna and sweetcorn, lettuce and tomato, and last but not least ham and cheese sambos, all cut in triangles, which made them even more yum!

I also had the brilliant idea (of course!) of baking some scones for our tea party.

Scones in a bowl

I got the recipe here, and made it like it said there, but adding 4 soup spoons of sugar to give them a bit more of taste. So, I put them in the oven and 40 minutes before the guests arriving, crossing my fingers and blessing myself that they would turn out eatable, I opened the oven, and ta-da! There they were, grown and brown and shiny and looking great all together!

And I was so proud of them, and our guests LOVED them. We ate all of it that I didn’t even get time to take a picture of my yummy snacks!

Our tea party was a success, and I baked another tray of scones just to prove the point and to get some photos of my newest creative wanders.


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