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The fad of Flourishes – Naff or not?

The title for this post is from this website that I found when I was looking for some flourishes to put on my wedding invites. She is certainly a lady that knows what she is talking about. In this post she has links to other websites of designers and illustrators that are AMAZING! If I were you I would certainly take some time to have a look at these.

I am no designer, but love all things cute, so flowers are on the top of my list, be them in any way displayed. It’s been a while already that I have been seeing flourishes around, and I liked what I have seen, so I decided to include them in my wedding.

We (by that I mean me and my hubby to be) created the invites and added a pretty and simple flourish, changed its colour to go with the pattern of the invite and it turned out perfect in the end, after a lot of work to put it on the right side of the invite, since they were all done DIY by my future hubby and I.

Our Flourish Flip-Flop

We liked them so much that we decided to make the most of them, so for the top of our wedding cake, on our initials, that the cat bride and cat groom were holding, we drew some cute pink flourishes and we loved the result of that too. By the way, the initials were all my hubby’s work of art. For that, I love him even more.

Flourishing creativity

This Flourishes fashion could be only a fad, but it certainly isn’t naff! It’s great and creative and brilliant, so get creative and create your own flourishes, for thousands of things and in millions of ways and colours and patterns and infinite applications.

Here are some examples and ideas for you to get started, so get to work girl (and creative boy)!

Flourishes 49 is a set of fifteen royalty free flourishes.

Flourish images for your DIY projects.

Embellishments > By Style > Flourish Designs

This is a brush set meant for making your own custom swoosh, swirl and curl designs.

Embellishment and flourish and swirls designs

25 Flourish Designs

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