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Pinky Fingers

After knitting a few different things I went back to the gloves frenzy and knit a beautiful pair of bright pink cute fingerless gloves.

For this, I used a lighter roll of wool and needles size 5.5 cm, and also knit both gloves at once, it took me a day to knit them and I closed them up and finished them a few days later because I had lost my sewing needle and had to ask my hubby (as I am stuck at home with my plaster cast) to go get a new one for me.

So, let’s see if I remember how many stitches I knitted.

I believe for these gloves I casted on 30 stitches, and knit 15 rows of rib stitch (2 knit, 2 purl, and so on), and then 28 rows of stockinette (knit one row, purl one row), then 10 more rows of rib stitch and cast off on rib stitch.

Man, I rock at this fingerless gloves knitting stuff!

The secret: Keep measuring your gloves on your hands, because different types of wool might require more or less rows to be knit.

Ah, and also I increased about 12 stitches and decreased them later, to make the curve of the hands. When I started knitting stockinette I increased 2 stitches in each row (until row 12), then I knit 2 rows, then I started decreasing 2 stitches in each row till the end of the stockinette knitting.

The result was much better than the black ones, since I knit them both at the same time they turned out equal this time 🙂

And I am aiming to make many more of these for next winter.

Pretty in Pink

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