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Mittens for Grown-ups

Well, I am becoming really expert in knitting, very proud of myself, now that I finally finished a pair of fingerless gloves, in one day, yes only ONE day.

This was my first try on the gloves subject, and after watching a lot of videos of how to knit fingerless gloves on the internet, and have tried to follow instructions on one of them, How To Knit Fingerless Gloves and have undone the gloves twice and started again.

On the first time after I had finished it, it was so small it could fit a tiny rat’s hand, (like I said, love analogies), so I undid it and started my own fingerless gloves, and they turned out perfect, nearly actually, one seems bigger than the other, but this is only a matter of time to get them the same size. 🙂

Now, a professional explanation, :-), how to knit this lovely fingerless gloves:

You know what you will need, needles, wool, etc, etc, depending on how thick is your wool, you will choose the size of your needle, for this I used size 5.5 cm needles, and medium-sized wool.

Well, this gloves I started casting on 28 stitches, then I knitted 15 rows of the so-called rib stitch, that means knit one, purl one.

Then 24 more rows, starting with knit, and the next row, purl and so on, and then 6 more rows of rib stitch, 2 knit, 2 purl, and then cast off in rib stitch.

Turned them inside out and sew it with a sewing needle, a big one, for knitting material.

A hint: I knitted them one at a time, that’s why they turned out slightly different sizes, the second one is longer than the first one.

So, the secret: knit them together, which I will be doing on my next pair of pinky girly fingerless gloves.

Wow, ok just sounded like a very professional knitting lady back there, that I have a picture of my lovely black fingerless gloves, the first of many, for you all to check out if I did a good job or not.

80's Air Heart!

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