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Knit the Purl and Purl the Knit

I have a broken foot for the past 40 days and still have a long way to go with this cold piece of concrete over my poor skinny leg, and being off work, and not being able to do much these days, so after going on a spree of cooking for about 30 days, and being bored watching TV, I decided to go on to some serious knitting,  for a change.

As I had done a bit of knitting when I was a teen, – I remember that I started a scarf, with orange wool, and I tried to knit it, didn’t go over the twelfth row, kept undoing it and ended up never finishing it, and I remember the stitches were so tight, that must have been the reason why I gave up. 🙂

I had already bought a fancy roll of brown wool and a pair of needles a while ago, in the beginning of winter here in Brazil, where I am living at the moment, with my lovely new hubby, but that is a subject for another day, and I had started another scarf, only this time I promised to finish it.

Well, I had knitted about ten rows of it and put it aside, so last week when my auntie came to spend some days with us, she, that is my inspiring idol for knitting, from that day on, continued my work of art, after she had knitted nearly all of it, I took it and continued, and actually finished it, yay!

It was intended from the beginning of the “project” (already an expert in knitting language) to be a scarf for my hubby, don’t ever know if he will wear it ever, but I was really happy to have finished it.

Keeping it toasty

Without saying, that with my auntie being here, helping me to do that, she taught me other types of stitches and how to do different things with the knitting, like start and finish, increase and decrease, knit and purl, do different patterns, real cool stuff that I loved to learn.

So, then after her visit we went to visit her, (it’s holiday time here now and I am off work for 3 more months, remember?) so, we spent some days there, and I said to her that I wanted to knit a pair of socks like the ones she had knit for herself, I wanted to knit them for my hubby aswell. 🙂 he is my guinea pig for these experiments, first the food, now the knitting.

She said she would buy me some wool and show me how to do it, which felt great because I can’t even go to the shop, so she showed me how to start and I decided to knit a black and green pair of socks, my hubby’s fav colour being green.

So, my auntie got the wool, and I started knitting the socks, and I loved doing it, knit half the socks while still in my auntie’s, she gave some more tips and now I am nearly finished with my first knitting project, that I made it all by myself, untill now. Not looking forward to the part that I’ll have to stitch the ends together, but I am sure I will do a brilliant job.

Meanwhile, I started thinking of my next project, a pair of gloves, fingerless gloves, as the other types are for professionals :-), and I had a look on internet, and had many many more ideas for projects, like sheep, mobile phone covers, and even a big jumper, and cute stuff that I can knit knit knit.

I hope I can continue with this hobby for a long time as I am enjoying it a lot.

Work in progress

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